I created Soulful Songbird Studios to provide professional, personalized coaching for singer-songwriters and

contemporary commercial music artists.


I am committed to guiding you on your artistic journey, and want to

help your artistic visions become realities.


At Soulful Songbird Studios, you will be challenged to explore your

unique artistry to develop your signature sound and style.


You will learn effective vocal, musical, and songwriting techniques to

level up in your career and creativity.

Most importantly, you will receive support and encouragement while

you make your musical dreams come true!

Drop-In Sessions

Open to All

Non-Studio Members!

Need last-minute coaching before a livestream gig?

Feeling creatively stumped and need a jumpstart?

Refocus your vocals and songwriting through this

60 minute session. 

Studio Membership

Limited Studio Availability!

Ready to transform your musical dreams into a professional career?

I am ready to guide you

on your journey to

make that happen!

All potential studio members must complete an Initial Fit Session for consideration.

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