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Kelly Taylor Brown of Planetary Coven and Soulful Songbird Studios with her studio dog, Ro
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Welcome to 
SoulfulSongbird Studios™,

Your enchanting and nurturing guide to

traverse the cosmos of melody and verse.

Are you an aspiring artist?

You have a unique voice and creative vision.

You know what kind of music you want to make.


You are ready to bring your creative ideas to fruition.

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Are you seeking a creative practice?

You prefer a holistic approach to technical tools, such as...

Vocal Styling

Craft Your Signature Sound


Create Original Music Magic 

Music Production

Demystify Your DAW*

*Digital Audio Workstation

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Music Arranging

Build Your Harmonies

Lyric Writing

Develop Your Storytelling

Project Planning

Schedule Your Releases

Choose Your Coaching Adventure

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one-off coaching sessions

You want a focused guidance session for something specific within your:

  • Vocal Styling

  • Songwriting

  • Music Production 

  • Music Arranging

  • Logic Pro X/GarageBand Session

You love getting a breakdown of new tools with guidance, then exploring them further at your leisure.


To unlock access to Drop-In Sessions, you must first book your Complimentary Discovery Call below. 

Have an upcoming music project?

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Artist Project Prep

custom coaching packages

You have a music project to release, and need custom coaching and support along the way.

  • Craft Your Unique Sound

    • Impact listeners with  effective and memorable vocal styling.

    • Create distinctive sound color palettes for your music project. 

    • Weave together vocal and instrumental arrangements to give your music project harmonic flair.

  • Learn Music Production Basics​

    • Empower yourself to take the creative reins of your music project.

    • Screen-share your sessions in Logic Pro X or GarageBand for live creative guidance and assistance.

  • Plan Your Music Project Release

    • Define and plan your artistic goals.

    • Create feasible timelines for your release and promotion campaign.

    • Craft a world around your music project for your fans to enjoy.

    • Infuse flexibility with accountability to set the stage for a successful music project release.


  • We create a collaborative Inspiration Playlist to invite focus and intention to your release.

If you're ready to release your next music project through intention, focus, and accountability, take the first step with a Complimentary Discovery Call!

Are you a commercial music coach?

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single sessions and custom packages

Music Production for Commercial Music Coaches

You are ready to bring new creative tools to your singer-songwriters, and need to about music production in a kind and supportive environment. 

  • Discover Music Production Basics​

    • You don't need to know all of the bells and whistles, but would love to share a common language with your clients interested in Logic Pro X and GarageBand. 

    • You want to walk through the basics with a live screen-share in Logic Pro X or GarageBand, so you can ask questions as you explore.

  • Behind the Scenes Support

    • You enjoy being a cheerleader for your commercial music clients, but want to level up as an effective accountability buddy.

    • You have never released music yourself, and would like to learn more about the process from start to finish from an artist's perspective. 

    • You have songwriting clients that sometimes encounter writer's block, and are seeking tools to guide them through those creative hurdles. 

    • You are ready to explore tools to support your client as they create in remote, home studio, and other recording studio sessions.

You sound like a great fit for Music Production for Commercial Music Coaches, let's connect for a Complimentary Discovery Call!

Empower Unique Artistry

The time has come to unlock your potential, refine your craft, and navigate the journey of music creation with confidence and authenticity.

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