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Welcome to Planetary Coven

where music spells magic

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Premiere Single from Planetary Coven

The Mountain

Seasons should be changing

But my window view remains the same

Leaves won't fall, aren't turning

Warm winds blow


Take a chance and run to the highest mountain I know

where I run to hide from the sun and shield my soul

Any momentary allevation I'll hold

And I won't let go 'til I feel its breath of life enclose

-Excerpt from The Mountain, by Planetary Coven

Witchy Soul Pop Music

Planetary Coven crafts original music for kaleidoscopic folks and fae, like yourself, who celebrate the inner peace and autonomy found through the magic of creativity and nature.


As you listen, invite your imagination to wander through places where sound and story weave together in mystical tapestry.


Welcome others into your listening circle and dance in circle, or commune in solitude with your favorite candles and crystals.

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