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Welcome to Planetary Coven

where music spells magic!

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Planetary Coven is more than

original witchy-soul-pop music.

It’s an invitation for our imaginations to

explore places where sound and story

weave together in mystical tapestry.

A ce
lebration of the inner peace

and autonomy found through the

magic of creativity and nature.

An opportunity to commune,

connecting with other

kaleidoscopic folks and fae.

I'm Kelly (she/her)

creativity cultivator

for Planetary Coven.

Keep scrolling to explore the music magic I've crafted just for you!

The Mountain Album Art.png

The Mountain

If you celebrate music with major witchy vibes, listen to The Mountain!

(Dancing around the fire while listening

isn't required, but always encouraged.)

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Planetary Coven's Substack

The world of music magic is a colorful tapestry woven with illustrious sounds and stories. Together, we shall explore this enchanting world, learning from one another and connecting in kaleidoscopic artistry.


Join each week for #witchywednesday!

(Subscribers receive bonus goodies like coven chats, tarot readings, music jam sessions, and more!)

COVER PAGE Songs of Light and Shadow Volume One (by Planetary Coven)_edited.jpg

Songs of Light and Shadow

If you are seeking new repertoire to explore sculpting your sound and storytelling, delve into Planetary Coven’s Songs of Light and Shadowrtistry !



(Includes Sheet Music, Band Backing Track, and more!)

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