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Welcome to Planetary Coven

where music spells magic!

Planetary Coven Artist Profile Picture (

Planetary Coven is a vessel for exploring artistry,
imagination, and practical skills required for the craft of music magic. 

I'm Kelly, the creativity cultivator for witchy-soul-pop artist
Planetary Coven.

Whether you are a celebrator, a creator, or an explorer in the craft of musical arts,
Planetary Coven
 has music magic just for you!


The Mountain Album Art.png


If you celebrate music with major witchy vibes, listen to The Mountain!

(Dancing around the fire while listening

isn't required, but always encouraged.)

Artistry Alchemy Workbook (by Planetary Coven) COVER PAGE.png


If you are seeking new resources to explore sculpting your sound and storytelling, delve into Planetary Coven’s Artistry Alchemy Workbook!

(Use for your original music, any cover song, or a Planetary Coven original.)

COVER PAGE Songs of Light and Shadow Volume One (by Planetary Coven)_edited.jpg


If you are a practitioner in search of fun, original music for your music studio, look no further! Songs of Light and Shadow was intentionally crafted to inspire artistry and develop practical creative skills for YA and adult singers. All songs are gender-inclusive, recital-friendly, and have majorly witchy vibes. 


(Download the full songbook with practice jam tracks as a set,

or choose your adventure with individual download options.) 

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