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Kelly Taylor Brown with wand over Illustrated Witchy Home  Music Studio  with Moon (Square

You want to write your own music.


You have dabbled in songwriting a bit, but have more ideas than finished songs.

You want to know how to record yourself and navigate GarageBand and Logic Pro X. 

You dream about releasing original songs, but right now, it seems daunting. 

You need someone to guide you along the way with a kind and collaborative spirit, and arrived here at Soulful Songbird Studios.

Have you thought about songwriting?

Do you like witchy music?

You will love Songs of Light and Shadow!

Imagine original music that allows you to explore artistry, without imitating another singer.

Picture sheet music that includes intuitive piano accompaniment, as well as chord symbols.


Discover poetic lyrics that evoke layered storytelling, and speak to those with passions for witchy stuff and YA fiction.

Songs of Light and Shadow was penned under my artist name, Planetary Coven.


Planetary Coven is where music spells magic. weaving original alternative/electro-pop music with witchy vibes and mystical themes.

The world of Planetary Coven rests where the veil between worlds is thinnest, shifting through space and time in kaleidoscopic exploration.

If you hear the call to adventure, feel at home in the wild, and vibe with all things magical, you'll love Planetary Coven's single, The Mountain.

The Mountain Album Art.png

Upcoming Gigs and Events:

June 2024

Stay Tuned!

May 2024

May 29, 2024

The Swing It! Girls at the Starbright Theatre

Las Vegas, NV

May 22, 2024


for "Songs of Light and Shadow" Songbook

Available on Patreon

May 18, 2024

The Swing It! Girls at the Pahrump Winery

Pahrump, NV

April 2024

April 6, 2024

The Swing It! Girls at The Composers Room

Las Vegas, NV


My name is Kelly Taylor Brown (she/her).

I am a multi-hyphenate creative, crafting original witchy music under my artist name, Planetary Coven.


I founded a home studio, Soulful Songbird Studios, where I collaborate with other rising artists and commercial music coaches through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and cowriting sessions.

I write, record, and produce my music, and am passionate about helping others to cultivate their own creative autonomy and authentic artistry.

I embrace my witchy side with gusto, and enjoy learning about the art of reading tarot, reading YA fantasy novels, and taking road trips in my converted minivan to see cool trees and seas with favorite puppy copilot, Romeo.  

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