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Welcome, music-magic-maker!

I'm Kelly (she/her), the

Musical force behind witchy-soul-pop artist Planetary Coven™


Creative Cultivator of
Soulful Songbird Studios™


Here, the artist is placed at the center of musical craft.

Your vision is guided through

collaboration and coaching services

tailored to bring ideas to fruition.

Soulful Songbird Studios™ offers include:


Songwriting Coaching

Vocal Styling Coaching

Music Production Coaching

Rising Artist Coaching


Collaborative Co-writing

Music Project Production

Music Transcription

Music Arrangement


So come, let us join forces to weave

harmonies that echo through eternity.



Your complimentary Discovery Call awaits.

Circle in Song

with Planetary Coven,

where music spells magic.

Listen to original music releases, and

explore your own artistry through

songbooks and resources created just for you.

The Mountain Album Art.png

The Mountain

by Planetary Coven™

"Take a chance and run to the highest mountain I know,

where I run to hide from the sun and shield my soul..."


Click to Listen to

The Mountain

COVER PAGE Songs of Light and Shadow Volume One (by Planetary Coven).png

Songs of Light and 

by Planetary Coven

Inspire your unique music magic with witchy wares crafted to inspire your artistry.


Behind the Artist

Kelly Taylor Brown, AKA Kelly Songbird

Singer-Songwriter of Planetary Coven™

Music Director, Producer, and Arranger

Cover Artist behind Songbird Sundays™

Creativity Crafter of Songs of Light and Shadow™

See what's brewing...

News and Updates

Launch Day: January 17, 2024


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Release Day: February 28, 2024


Songs of Light and Shadow

A Witchy Songbook Series for Rising Artists

by Planetary Coven™

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